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Talking Berlusconi: I'm back!

Ciao! Talking Berlusconi is here to entertain you like presidents Putin and Obama. In the main scene you are in Mr. Berlusconi’s private office with a window view straight to Pisa tower and other presidents tease him right from behind of his window.

God Toys

How did God create the World? By playing! Create the World by hands of God! God created the World in 7 days. He did this with a great love and temptation knowing that all of this kindness, warm-heartedness...

My Movie Quiz

Do you think you’re a movie fan? Let’s check it out! Playing is pretty simple: Have a look at the screenshots from movies and just tap on the right version out of 4 suggested movie titles.

Talking Putin: Machete

Help Putin to destroy all terrorists! His machete as sharp as his mind and as pure as his skills of destroying terrorists.

Talking Obama: Terrorist Hunter

In a new fun game, Talking Obama responds to your touch and your voice. Let him do the matrix moves, repeat everything you say with a funny voice and why not - arrange things in the Oval Office.And this is just the beginning...

GraviTire 3D

GraviTire 3D is an attractive game to enjoy spending time on controlling a tire. Gamers love GraviTire 3D as it provides mental stimulation and friendly competition among friends. While playing the game you gather speed when you roll the tire downhill. Here where the name of the game comes from...